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Nominated for ‘Start up Business of the year’ at The Precious Awards –  Oct 2016!
The PRECIOUS Awards were founded in 2007 by Foluke Akinlose MBE to recognise and support women of colour in the business and work environment and create role models for future generations to follow.
The PRECIOUS Awards are passionate about recognizing success celebrating those women of colour in business and leadership, who demonstrate exceptional determination, innovation and entrepreneurial skills and talent.
Now in its tenth year, the PRECIOUS Awards have been instrumental in informing the business community, and driving change. More opportunity for career progression exists for women of colour, and more role models are created annually, inspiring the current and next generation of women to aspire to achieve business success, either through their own businesses or in the workplace.
We were honoured to be nominated for ‘Start up Business of the year’ and humbled to be surrounded by such inspiring individuals who continue to strive for what they believe in.